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 Info on upcoming album.

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New School Rebel
New School Rebel

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PostSubject: Info on upcoming album.   Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:30 pm

Jah posted this in a myspace bulletin.

Quote :
Well my friends, dreams do come true!

I was asked by Tech9 to rip up 8 bars on his upcoming album!! Iím working on that trak right now. I am honored.

It seems like just yesterday, that I was at a Tech show, dreaming about collaborating with Mr. Einstein.

And here we are less than a year later, and not only did he guest on our joint INSOMNIA (wind me up), now I get to rip up some vocals on Techa Neenaís album!!!

Once again proving that we earthlings possess the power of manifestation.

By the way, hedpe is going in the studio in April to record our new album, tentatively titled "NWO" (New World Orphans).

Thanx for all your support. The wave of underground love is unbelievable. We can free ourselves from the bondage and lies that we now live in. Together we can do it.

The Truth Movement is massive, and hedpe is proud to be an active member.


Over and Out
Atlantis A.D.

March 20, 2008

youtube: 911 Coincidences
Government Lies
911 Lies
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Info on upcoming album.
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